Garage Organization Tips for Families – 7 DIY Ideas

Does a barrage of bikes, tools, unused furniture, and random boxes of household and holiday items keep your family (and your car) from using the garage?

Well, you’re not alone.

Like most families, garages are where most unused or unwanted items end up.  And also like most families, there usually isn’t much thought put into accessibility or organization. So, what should you do about it? Well, here are 7 simple DIY ideas to organize your family’s garage.

Garage Organization Tip #1: Plan & Prep

First thing’s first—please put in a little time into planning and prepping before diving into what can be a daunting task. How much time will you need to do this? What materials will need to be purchased? Will you enlist your family’s help? Is there any work that needs to be done? Will you need to hire a contractor?

Garage Organization Tip #2: Sort & Clean

Begin by sorting items into three main categories: keep, discard, and donate. Throw away the items you don’t wish to keep, then put aside what you plan to donate. Next, sort your “keep” items into more specific categories. Some categories could include: lawn care, household storage, seasonal items, sporting goods, car care, and tools. After you’ve sorted everything into specific categories, the real fun begins!

Garage Organization Tip #3: Label Boxes, Bins & Containers

This simple, but often overlooked, step can be essential when organizing your garage. It is also an easy way to find what you are looking for on any given day for any occasion. Just be sure that you label the container, bin, or box and not the shelf where it is going to be stored.

Garage Organization Tip #4: Set up Durable Shelving

For the sake of safety and space, nothing should ever be stored on the floor. Most boxes and containers can fit on shelves. It is a no-nonsense solution to adding much needed space to your garage and preventing trips and falls. We like this shelving system – check it out!

Garage Organization Tip #5: Use Adjustable Wall Hooks

For the items too big to fit into containers, in closets, or on a shelf, adjustable wall hooks can serve as a great way to store things and keep them off of the garage floor. Wall hooks can be used to hang larger items like ladders, scooters, tools, rakes and shovels; and smaller items like bike helmets, baskets and even holiday wreaths. Just be sure your ladder and other lawn care items are within reach.

Garage Organization Tip #6: Keep it in the Family

It’s probably a good idea for everyone in your family to have a designated place to store their things. Not only will it add to your organizational masterpiece, but it will teach your kids how and where to put away their things. One creative way is to use color-coordinated bins and containers for each member of the family.

Garage Organization Tip #7: Set up a Donation Station

For those items that you plan to donate, set up a donation box in a designated area of your garage. Not only will it serve its purpose in getting the garage de-cluttered, it can be used to organize the inside of your home as well. Whether you’re cleaning your house or just walking through, pick up the items that you no longer want, need or use and store them in the donation box. We recommend emptying the box on a regular basis.

Garage Organization Tip #8: Do a Final Clean

Now that you have everything either stored, trashed or set aside for donation, it’s time to do a final assessment. Get rid of any additional debris and cover all exposed electrical outlets. A common type of garage floors is concrete, so apply a concentrated concrete degreaser, deck brush, and a little elbow grease to clean dirt, grime, and oil stains. Once the floor dries, sweep now that you can finally see your garage floor!

Now, enjoy your newly cleaned and organized space!


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Updated 04/24/2018