Factors To Consider When Choosing Carpeting

Picking out new carpet can be a very exciting experience – it will completely freshen up your space, remove any lingering odors or stains that your old carpet was harboring, and can even completely transform the look of your space if you so desire!

Whether you’re choosing new carpet for your home or business, there are several factors to consider that should help guide you toward the best option…

Overall Look: Are you looking for a brightly colored/patterned carpet to completely transform your space and be a main focal point for your room? Or is carpet more for functionality in your opinion and should be muted in color and pattern-free? Is your space full of neutral tones? If so, do you want the carpet to match this feel or stand out from it? Property Managers tend to choose patterned carpet for their business spaces because it has more of a corporate feel and can help to conceal stains and track marks. Contrarily, residential folks typically pick out soft, neutral-toned carpeting that will match any taste or decor.

How it Feels: Is the plushness of carpet important to you? If you’d like to feel like you’re walking on a cloud at all times, then you’ll want to choose a really plush/soft carpet for your space. Likewise, if you have little ones crawling around, a soft and durable carpet is ideal. However, if you’re in charge of picking out carpet for a workplace, you will probably go for an industrial-grade, low pile carpet for easy maintenance and high traffic.

Pet Odor & Stain Resistance: Carpet makers have done well over the years to enhance their pet-friendly carpet selection to include options that can withstand messes by our favorite furry friends and prevent significant staining or odor penetration. If your carpet will be frequented by the animal variety, keep these options in mind!

Durability & Maintenance: The last thing you want to do is put carpet in that won’t hold up in your space, so be sure to let your vendor/salesperson know how it may be used so they can help to find the best option for you. Keep the following factors in mind: traffic frequency and type (foot vs. chair, business vs. residential), stain & odor potential, how frequently it will be cleaned as well as how easy it needs to be to clean/maintain, the heaviness of furniture that will sit atop it…all of these factors will help determine the type of carpet you should choose, regardless of how you’d like it to look or feel. Remember, new carpets come with warranties that you will want to maintain, so make sure you know the details of your warranty beforehand and are able to take good care of your carpet so you don’t void it!

After you’ve chosen the best carpet for your needs, keep in mind that you will also want a carpet pad! Carpet pads are vital in helping to extend the life of your carpets and catching any liquid that seeps into your carpet so it doesn’t damage the flooring underneath, which could lead to mold or rotting.

Well, there you go! You’re all set with the questions and considerations to ponder when selecting new carpet for your space. We wish you the best of luck with your search, and, if you’re a local customer, don’t forget about Woodard for all of your commercial and residential carpet cleaning needs!


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Updated 4/24/2018