Extensive Rug Damage from Moth Larvae

Rugs make a great focal point in a room, but, unfortunately, they also create very inviting homes for moths to lay eggs.

Once the eggs hatch into larvae, these larvae turn to the rug fibers as a delicious source of nutrition. If your rugs remain in place for long periods of time, especially if they’re kept under heavy pieces of furniture, you would likely never notice the start of a moth larvae threat.

This photo shows extreme moth larvae damage to a large rug that was in a customer’s home. The customer did not move the heavy furniture that laid on top of the rug for 20 years. Little did they know that underneath their furniture, moths had just found a new home for their eggs. Once their eggs hatched, the larvae then began to feed on the wool rug fibers. Eventually, the moths ate away so much of the wool rug that the only thing that remained was the knots around the cotton warps and wefts. The moths will only eat the wool tufts (or the knots) of the rug, as they do not like eating cotton. Thus, they left only the base of the knots and the cords of the rug.

Our Rug Restoration and Alterations Team was able to restore the rug as if the moth larvae were never there to being with! They were able to add new wool knots to the rug, filling in the spaces that had been eaten away. The entire process took a total of 38 hours in order to completely restore all the areas of the rug that were damaged.

Now, some of you may be certain that you keep your home in tip-top shape and bugs would never be found in your rugs. Well, you might have the cleanest home on the block, but if you have wool (rugs, coats, clothes, etc.) moths will find their way in and make it their food.

There are a few things you can do to prevent moth larvae from making your rug their next meal.

  • Vacuum regularly and lift up heavy furniture to get underneath.
  • Rotate your rug so that heavy furniture does not remain in the same spot for an extended period of time.
  • Place your rug in direct sunlight a few times a year. The bugs that are feeding on your rug like dark areas, so the sunlight will disrupt them.
  • Use a quality rug pad. This will eliminate air pockets where the bugs live and breed.

If you do find your rug has been infested with moths and their larvae, we are able to repair the damage and then provide an anti-moth treatment that is applied before your rug journeys into our drying room. While in the drying room, we crank up the heat to 1,038 degrees to kill any remaining larvae in the rug. Oftentimes this process will be repeated to ensure your rug is moth and larvae free! To ensure your rug stays free of moths and their larvae, you should have your home sprayed for bugs, as the infestation will still remain in the home. The last thing you’d want to do is invite your larvae’s extended family to come for a snack!


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Updated 08/19/2016