Electrical Beauty Product Hazards

Believe it or not, electrical beauty tools such as hair straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers are frequent causes of house fires and severe burns.

Protect your house, yourself, and your children with these safety tips:

Turn It Off & Unplug It

It’s as easy as that – simply, turn these tools off and unplug them when you are done using them. If you are prone to forgetting in the mornings, set an alarm before you leave your house or keep a sticky note in a spot that you will see before you walk out the door. Unplugging the cord is a great habit to get into as well, to ensure that heat to the product is cut off completely and that no electrical shortages could occur while you’re gone.

Place on a Hard Surface & Use a Heat Proof Pouch

When using these types of beauty tools, do not place them on carpet or a towel while in use. While hot, they should be placed on a hard surface or heat-resistant pad, or inside a heat proof pouch. If placed on carpet or a towel, the heat from the device could spark a fire. Some hair straighteners can stay hot for up to 40 minutes after they have been turned off and unplugged. Placing a straightener or curling iron in a heat proof pouch will not only eliminate the risk of a fire, but will also keep children and pets safe from a burn.

Keep Away from Skin  

Do not allow the heated plates or rod from the curling iron to touch your skin – these surfaces are extremely hot and can result in a burn in just a split second. It is vastly important to keep these hot products out of the reach of children as well, as their skin can be up to 15 times thinner than adults resulting in a more severe burn. Also, children may not know that only parts of the device are hot, so they may grab for the hottest part of the straightener or curling iron.

Note: A hair straightener can reach temperatures over 400 degrees Fahrenheit at its hottest setting! (Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit!)

Follow the 3 Cs

If you or your children do suffer a minor burn from one of these tools, simply follow the 3 Cs!

  • Cool: Run the burn under running tap water for 20 minutes within three hours of the burn taking place. Remove any clothing or jewelry that may come in contact with the burn. Do not apply ice, butter, toothpaste, etc.
  • Call: Contact your local doctor to discuss if the burn is severe enough to require medical attention.
  • Cover: Once the burn has cooled, place a clean, non-fluffy cloth over the burn.

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Updated 7/25/2018