Does Hot Water Extraction Kill Germs?

does hot water extraction kill germsDoes Hot Water Extraction Kill Germs?

In Woodard’s 12-step carpet cleaning process, we use a cleaning technique called hot water extraction via a truck mounted system. Combined, this is the best method for carpeting cleaning.

Your home is your haven. It’s your safe place where you should feel the most comfortable and most relaxed. The last thing you need in your home is germs! Especially if you have little ones crawling on the floor or have pets in your home. A professional carpet cleaning is an effective way to bring life back to your carpet, remove the dirt, and yes, even kill germs!

Hot Water Extraction Does Kill Germs

As we mentioned before, hot water extraction is the method Woodard uses in our 12-steps to clean carpeting. One of the many benefits of using this method is that the water we use during the cleaning can reach extreme temperatures. When we clean using our hot water extraction method, the water penetrates through your carpeting to the roots. Because of the extreme temperatures used, any germs, pathogens, or bacteria in your carpet are killed! According to the World Health Organization, temperatures of 140°F to 150°F are enough to kill most viruses and bacteria. The water typically leaves the truck mounted system at 300°F or hotter!

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Updated 9/9/2020