Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Mold?

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Mold


Mold coverage under your homeowner’s insurance is not guaranteed.  It may only be covered when it is caused by a disaster, such as a flood in the home.* In the scenario of a burst pipe, malfunctioning dishwasher or a storm causing excessive water to enter the home, this damage may be covered under a flood insurance policy.  Any time there is an extended period of high moisture levels, such as in the event of a flood, this becomes a breeding ground for mold.  When the mold can be traced back to a flood in the home, this may be covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Mold Growth Can Result from Water in the Home

Some of the most common sources of water in the home, and susceptibility for mold growth as a result, include leaking pipes, overflowing or malfunctioning toilets or damage resulting from a storm.  In these scenarios, the insurance company will cover the cost to repair the property and restore it to its pre-loss condition, which includes any mold remediation that may be necessary.

For the best chance that your homeowner’s insurance will cover any potential mold in the home after a flood, you should contact the insurance provider immediately and report the damage.  Your insurance coverage may vary, depending on your policy.  If you can speak to a representative, inquire about what your policy covers in the event of a flood.  This may include water extraction, mold remediation, restoration or replacement of your belongings and personal items and living expenses during the clean-up process.

Mold Growth Resulting from Neglect is Often Not Covered by Insurance

Mold growth that is the result of neglect over time, including prolonged poor ventilation, uncontrolled moisture levels, and neglecting to address leaks promptly, is rarely covered by homeowner’s insurance.  This type of mold growth, which will certainly worsen with time, is considered lack of maintenance.  Even if the mold went undetected for an extended period, this can be difficult to have a claim covered by your insurance company.

It is important to frequently check areas of your home for high humidity levels and mold growth.  This should include checking the basement, attic and other dark, moist areas.  Being a diligent homeowner will help to ensure that mold does not get a chance to form in your home.

*Homeowner’s insurance coverage varies from policy to policy.  To confirm whether your insurance provider will reimburse you for the cost of mold removal, you should contact the insurance company directly about your specific policy as policies vary carrier to carrier.


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Updated 4/27/2021