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Cubicles are such a popular style of office design for the sheer fact that it’s the best use of space to accommodate multiple work stations. However, cubicles also collect lots of dust and dirt, and become a hot spot for hidden germs and bacteria. YUCK!

Surely you’ve heard the saying before, “a clean environment is a healthy environment,” right? Well, in office spaces that is most definitely true. So, what can you do to enhance the health and cleanliness of your workplace? For starters, you can read up on these DIY tips for maintaining a clean cubicle, and also get a better understanding for just how often you should be calling on the experts for a deeper and more professional clean.

“How Often Should I Clean the Cubicles in My Office?”

This is one of the most common questions we hear from our commercial clients. Most cubicle partitions are made of fabric, which means they act as dust and germ magnets. At the very minimum, cubicle walls should be professionally cleaned every quarter, but monthly cleanings are your best bet – especially in high-volume spaces and/or pet-friendly offices. DIY Cubicle Cleaning | 6 Simple Steps We know things get messy in-between our professional cleanings, and we’re here to help. When spots, spills, and grime happen in-between professional cleaning appointments, try taking this simple 6 step DIY cubicle cleaning approach to keep things in tip-top shape:

IMPORTANT Pre-Cleaning Tip! Before trying our DIY cubicle cleaning method on your wall panels, test the process out on a small and unnoticeable area to ensure the fabric reacts appropriately.

Step #1: Clear the Clutter Remove loose papers, pictures, hangings, thumb tacks, etc. from the wall panels. While you’re at it, become a cubicle cleaning rockstar and take some time to sort and organize those piles of paper. Do you really need three take-out menus to that amazing sandwich shop up the street? Or, maybe that wrinkly phone tree is so outdated you don’t even recognize half of the contacts anymore? Either way – this is the perfect time to organize!

Step#2: Get a Better View It’s impossible to call anything “clean” if you’re not cleaning the entire thing, right? Right! So, put some elbow grease into your cleaning routine, and move all obstructing furniture and objects (i.e. desk chairs, printers, scanners, etc.) out of the way so that you have a clear vision of the entire surface. Safety tip: always seek assistance when moving heavy or fragile items; never try to lift heavy objects on your own.

Step #3: Demolish Dust Using a clean, dry, rag or microfiber cleaning cloth wipe the walls from top to bottom to remove the initial layer of dust. If your cubicle walls are covered in fabric, try wiping with the pattern of the fabric for the best results. Warning: the amount of dust and dirt you’ll see could be shocking! After wiping, use the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner to suck up an lingering dust bunnies on the walls, then do a quick sweep of the floor because it’s going to be pretty filthy after catching all of the dust you just knocked around!

Step #4: Create Some Suds In a bucket, mix a solution of one part mild laundry detergent to three parts warm water. Stir the mixture well so that a plethora of suds fill the bucket. Keep in mind: the more suds, the better! You’ll actually be cleaning your cubicle wall panels with the suds rather than the liquid. Why? Well, too much moisture on the walls could lead to water damage, mold, and odors – none of which you want in the workplace!

Step #5: Start Scrubbing! Collect those suds onto a scrub brush or damp sponge, then gently scrub the wall panels in a circular motion. Remember, this is not a time to saturate the walls with water.

Step #6: Add the Finishing Touches After scrubbing, finish the job by wiping the soap off the walls with a clean, damp towel. Ensure proper drying by strategically placing a few fans around the cube, and direct the airflow towards the panels.

Woodard’s Professional Cubicle Cleaning Services

While this DIY method is great for practicing in-between professional cleanings, or simply to spruce up one or two cubes around the office, it can be a pretty daunting process if you’ve got 100 cubes to clean! But, that’s where we can help – as St. Louis’ most reputable commercial cleaning team, we are proud to say that we guarantee your complete satisfaction. Our team is highly-trained and certified, and ready to make your office look brand new. Contact your account manager, or any member of the Woodard team to get a free service estimate.


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Updated 9/4/2020