Restoration Response Planning

Plan ahead to minimize damage, recover more quickly and keep operations running optimally under difficult circumstances

One simple step could save your business

No one can anticipate disaster, but having an emergency plan in place could be a life saver for your business and the clients you serve. Whether for a single building or a nationwide network of facilities, our restoration response plans serve as a proactive step in getting you back to business more quickly — and saving money — if disaster does strike. With Woodard’s Restoration Response Planning, we visit to make a site assessment and recommend terms. Upon agreement, you get:

  • Priority in our service pipeline, key in the case of a widespread catastrophe
  • Services started more quickly due to pre-approved work authorization completed
  • Locked-in pricing for services including insurance coverage details if desired
  • Greater peace of mind, all at no cost.

Restoration response planning amplified — the Woodard Way

For an even higher level of emergency preparedness you may also enroll in Woodard’s PREP (Proactive Restoration Emergency Plan) program. With its unique, personalized dashboard and user-friendly interface, PREP captures and provides direct access to vital information, including:

  • Primary contact information
  • Emergency vendor contact information
  • Copies of critical documents and information
  • Emergency disaster protocols for fires, floods and severe weather
  • High-resolution images and aerial views of buildings
  • Maps of each location
  • Floor plans and interactive building layouts with identification and mapping of all critical areas
  • 24/7 access on tablets and laptops
  • Your personal Woodard account manager

Through Priority Service Agreements and comprehensive Proactive Restoration Emergency Plans, Woodard offers the restoration response planning you need. If disaster hits, you’ll be equipped to move forward, saving time and money that otherwise lost, could devastate your business.

Woodard offers the PSA and PREP programs and our own restoration services to business owners or property/facility managers.