Check Out Our Newest Rug Pad!

Our Rug Care Center doesn’t just clean and repair rugs – we also have rug pads available for purchase.

We are very excited to share that we have recently added a new type of rug pad to our selection – the Double Grip Rug Pad. You will love what this new pad has to offer!

Double Grip Rug Pad

Double Grip is a high performance needle punch rubber backed, non-slip area rug pad. It’s designed for the customer who wants to hold their rug in place on a hard surface, but doesn’t want the ¼” thickness of a DuraHold pad. This rug pad provides maximum gripping power to hold the rug in place while preventing bunching and slipping. Its solid construction allows for maximum surface coverage and helps protects your floors. Plus, the pad can be cleaned easily at home! All you have to do is wipe with a damp sponge and allow the pad to air dry.

Our team has tested the Double Grip pad against its predecessor, and it tested better at holding rugs in place for the thinnest pad that we have. The other advantage it has over its predecessor is that it comes in a 12’ roll width allowing us to provide more one-piece pad offerings while having less waste left over after the pad is cut. We are constantly trying to eliminate our waste production and provide you with the best environmentally-friendly option, and we think we’ve found that in our new Double Grip pad.

Other rug pads we have available are:

DuraHold Rug Pad

Our DuraHold rug pad is our best-selling pad that provides an effective non-slip pad for hard floors – wood, tile, Terrazzo, brick, cement or vinyl. It’s a patented high-density and heat-pressed polypropylene fiber pad measuring at ¼” in thickness. The DuraHold pad has omni-directional grip face texture and a natural rubber base that prevents any lateral movement. The maximum impact-absorption that this pad provides ensures your rugs’ longevity with minimum compression/indentation under furniture weight concentrations. The DuraHold is a premium pad that will take some of the impact and wear off of your rug and place it onto the pad, which will lessen the impact of wear on your rug. This pad is very durable and cleanable! Many of our customers love that this pad adds an extra barrier of protection for spills between their floor and run.

Non-Skid Rug Pad

While area rugs are not meant for wall to wall carpeting, the Non-Skid rug pad is an option that is available if you choose to define your space or add in a pop color with an area rug. While not guaranteed, the Non-Skid rug pad is the best solution if you choose to place an area rug on top of carpeting. This pad has a thin foam material with a lightly aggressive adhesive on both sides, reducing the lateral sliding of the rug over itself. The Non-Skid pad has a thin plastic film covering so that when rolled up, it won’t be stuck to itself.

*This rug pad will not correct wrinkling problems resulting from furniture weight depressing the area rug.

How Do I Order a Rug Pad?

We have a variety of options available, should you wish to order a pad to protect your area rug(s):

Our Rug Care Center welcomes call-in orders for traditional shaped rugs, but we strongly encourage that you double and triple-check your rug measurements before ordering. Many rug labels show an estimated size, which may not be very accurate. We want to ensure that the rug pad we custom trim for you will fit perfectly to your rug.

If you don’t feel comfortable measuring your own run, you are more than welcome to bring it into our Rug Care Center. We will unload the rug from your vehicle, bring it into our facility, and take measurements, all free of charge. If current volume allows, we may even be able to trim your rug pad for you while you wait! We will then roll your rug (and pad, if applicable) back up and load it back into your vehicle.

For contour or uniquely shaped rugs, we strongly

encourage that you bring the rug into our facility to guarantee accurate measurements.

We also provide Rug Route Delivery & Re-Lay services. There is no charge for these services with Rug Route Cleaning orders. However, there is an additional charge for Alter-Only Rug Route orders.


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Updated 4/26/2018