5 Green Cleaning Products You Should Own

green cleaning

It should go without saying that now more than ever it is important to be somewhere clean. Especially when it comes to your own residence. We spend most of our day at home, and as such, we want to maintain a clean and safe environment.

Not only does a well-maintained home increase the longevity of your home (making sure you won’t have to pay for large refurbishing projects down the line), a consistently cleaned home can improve your mental state.

Green cleaning products have become increasingly popular, and efficient, in recent years. Here are some general green products you should always have on hand to keep your home dirt-free.

Plain Old White Vinegar and Baking Soda

Before we get into actual products that you can purchase in the store, let’s focus on the DIY approach. White vinegar and baking soda are basic staples that you can find at any grocery store, but they also have the benefit of combining into a great cleaning solution that’s both easy to use, and safe for the environment.

You can use it to unclog a drain, to remove rust, or even clean your washing machine or dishwasher.

Now, even without baking soda, vinegar can help clean your home in a way that’s both efficient and safe for the environment (for example, here is an example of a recipe to make a streak-free window cleaner using just vinegar and dish soap). Either way, these are items you’re likely to have on hand no matter what, and they are a great pair of tools in your green clean arsenal.

These aren’t the only green cleaning agents that you can get from a grocery store. There’s also the power of—


You might prefer to use them in your cooking (or cocktails), but lemons actually have a lot of strong, green, cleaning properties. The citric acid in lemons is able to fight water spots and hard water film. D-Limonene found in lemons is great at fighting grease. And the oil from lemons is a natural disinfectant that provides great natural fragrance that helps your home smell clean.

After all, there’s a reason why many chemical cleaners are made to smell like lemons.

Lemons are a great green cleaner because of their acid. As a result, they’re particularly impactful when disinfecting cleaning boards and furniture, or other more porous materials like wood.

Green Bathroom Cleaners

When cleaning your sink, shower and toilet, you might be tempted to use stronger, and more caustic, cleaners. But those cleaners can end up causing lasting harm to the environment. Thankfully, there are plenty of green cleaning products that can help make your bathroom spotless.

There are a variety of products out there, ranging from toilet cleaners that replace harsh chemicals for citrus and essential oils to tub and tile cleaners utilizing the cleaning powers of balsam fir and cypress oil.

Green Degreasing Products

When dealing with oil, dirt, grime and grease, you might assume that a chemical cleaner is the best way to get your home sparkling clean. After all, you might be able to use essential oils to help lift gentle stains, but surely they can’t work on anything a little more stubborn.

But you’d be wrong. Not only are there green degreasing products out there, they can work just as well as their chemical counterparts, with the added benefit of saving you from exposure to toxic fumes or risking any environmental runoff.

Using safe and Earth-friendly ingredients, these products specifically are designed to break down grease, and can work even in industrial or food service settings.

Green All-Purpose Cleaners

Green cleaning products don’t have to be limited to specialized products or grocery store staples. You can also find general, all-purpose green cleaners (with some that also have the benefit of smelling fantastic).

These cleaners can be used on all surfaces, from countertops to floors, including carpeting, other fabrics. They can be used in the kitchen, safely cleaning your stove, oven or microwave as well as in the bathroom to clean mirrors, vanities and even add some sheen to your sinks.

No matter what type of green cleaning product you choose (or you can even choose them all!) there are dozens of readily available, safe and environmentally friendly cleaning products that can fit any budget. Whatever you choose, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be able to keep your home not only clean, but safe and chemical free.


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Updated 1/31/2022