4 Ways to Prepare Your Rental Property for New Tenants

Prepare Your Rental Property

Peak rental season is just around the corner, which means you might have to start searching for new tenants to occupy your vacant properties. But before you sign any leases, it’s important to have a solid tenant turnover plan. Taking the time to prepare now will not only save you time later but stress and money as well. Follow these tips and best practices to get your property rent-ready by spring.


It’s no secret that, in real estate, the longer a property sits vacant, the more money you lose. Luckily, we live in an era where advertising your unit for rent (or even advertising for anyone interested in buying a rental property), is easier than ever. Most rental advertising is completely free! Here are three popular, effective ways to advertise your rental property:

  1. Create a free online listing: Your soon-to-be tenant is probably online. Consider listing your rental(s) on top websites like Apartments.com, Realtor.com®, and Zillow.com.
  2. Advertise on social media: Facebook and Facebook Marketplace are great resources to advertise your rental(s). Create a listing and share it for free with millions of users worldwide.
  3. Word of mouth: It’s important to advertise offline as well. Share your unit’s availability with everyone you know. You never know who might be looking for a place to rent, and personal recommendations are an easy way to find qualified tenants.

Do a Walkthrough

Before you let a new tenant move in, conduct a walkthrough inspection to assess the property. As you walk through the unit, take pictures of everything — every room, the entryway, hallways, outlets, appliances, and floors. As the landlord, you’ll want to save multiple copies in case there are any disputes with your future tenants.

Besides helping to keep a detailed record of the space, a walkthrough also allows you to make a checklist of necessary repairs or maintenance. Remember, time is money. To minimize the amount of time you spend preparing your rental property, it’s best to identify everything that needs work and then make a repair plan. Whether it’s a burned-out light bulb, a beeping smoke alarm, or a toilet that never seems to stop running, knowing exactly what requires attention now will save you from maintenance requests later.

Thoroughly Clean

Cleaning is critical when you’re getting a property rent-ready. Check the condition of the carpets, especially if you’re pet friendly. Decide whether they could do with a shampoo or if they need to be replaced. Deep clean appliances, fan blades, and baseboards but don’t overlook less obvious areas like HVAC vents and window treatments.

Do the walls look dingy? Magic Erasers can’t actually perform magic, but a fresh coat of paint can. Beyond freshening up a space, painting also has functional benefits, like keeping moisture out and preventing mold. Bottom line — tenants will likely not want to move into a dirty apartment, so proper cleaning is essential.

Check the Appliances

Tenants usually expect the appliances to work in properties that have been advertised as move-in ready. As the landlord, it is your responsibility to test everything from the refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher to the washer and dryer units to ensure they’re in working order. But maintenance and repairs can be costly! To help defer operating expenses, you might consider buying a home warranty. As a bonus, home warranties on rental properties are tax-deductible, so don’t forget to save your receipts!

When you’re preparing a property for a new tenant, organization, foresight, a bit of hustle, and a touch of elbow grease can go a long way. The success of your rental property is highly dependent on offering an attractive and well-maintained space. Using these tips, you’ll be ready to welcome your new tenants in no time!


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Updated 4/1/2022