Woodard’s Rug Decontamination Services

Removing odors from your rugs can be quite difficult, especially the lingering, brutal odors that many pet owners experience.

Our decontamination services are able to tackle pet odors that seem nearly impossible to combat!

At our Rug Care Center, your rug(s) will be placed individually in one of our 5×9 decontamination tanks which contain a cold-water solution including a natural enzyme that digests and breaks down urine residue as well as a counteractant that deodorizes and cleans the rug. A Rug Care Center technician gauges how long the rug stays in the tank by determining the type of rug and the type of dye they’re dealing with. This will tell us how tolerant your rug will be to color migration so we don’t ruin the coloring of your rug(s). During the soaking process the technician will agitate the tank contents. After the rug soaks in the tank, it is then removed, rinsed, and cleaned. Our most successful outcomes have been with rugs we could rinse and clean through our MORTM Machine upon completion of decontamination. However, whether yours can be cleaned through the MORTM Machine or needs to be hand-cleaned, we do have a process to clean as many times as possible in order to get it as clean as it’s going to get.

You may be wondering how much this process costs. There is a $2.00 per square foot charge for this service. What do you get for two dollars? All the decontamination your rug(s) needs! Rugs needing this service get exclusive access to an area of our Rug Care Center that sometimes takes 12-14 hours of decontamination before it gets removed from the tank and cleaned. We guarantee that all pet odors will be removed, so stop by our Rug Care Center to check it out!