Water Damage Covered by Homeowners Insurance

Updated 4/8/2020

Homeowners Insurance policies can often be confusing.

We trust our agents to make sure we’re covered, but it’s really our responsibility as a homeowner to understand our policy. This is especially true of water-related issues in the home. Of the top 10 most common – yet preventable – insurance claims filed in the U.S., over half of them are due to water damage.

When one considers water damage to a home, the first scenario that comes to mind is flooding, right? Your standard homeowners’ policy does not cover flooding. You can purchase additional insurance to cover your home if flooding occurs.

Types of Damage Covered by your Policy

Malfunctioning appliances, leaking sinks and toilets are all popular culprits of water damage. Broken pipes from freezing or other causes can result in serious water issues. Leaky roofs can be messy and expensive. Plumbing overflows and discharges from air conditioning and heating units are also a common source of household water issues. Your standard policy should cover these issues.

Types of Damage NOT Covered by your Policy

So, what does your homeowners’ insurance NOT cover? Don’t forget, your homeowners’ insurance do not cover flooding! If you experience an appliance malfunction, you are covered! However, you are not covered if the water damage is a result of an unresolved maintenance issue. This includes a leaky faucet that was neglected. Some policies may cover the cost of the damage done by the appliance, just not the appliance itself.

And, unfortunately, if you experience sewage backup from an outside drain you are also not covered for the damage in your policy. Similar to flood insurance, you can purchase additional insurance.

Watch your Premiums

Not all claims will increase your insurance rate, but water damage claims may be more likely to hike up your premiums. Be sure to calculate the amount of damage you’ve experienced versus your deductible and possible rate increases before filing the claim. The short-term benefit may not outweigh the long-term cost.

Additional Help

We hope this has helped you understand your policy a little bit better. But, if you’re still looking for a little more, visit our friends over at Allstate! They can help you better understand your policy. Or check out this page, Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage? to learn more!


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