School Safety: Enhanced with Woodard PREP

What Does Your School Disaster Plan Look Like?

Developing, and regularly updating, your school’s emergency preparedness plans not only ensures fast action and recovery in the event of a loss, but it greatly minimizes the risk of accidents, injuries, and financial exposure. In the event of a damage causing tornado, fire, flood, or any disaster, having an updated school safety plan of action at your fingertips eliminates last minute scrambling and added levels of stress. After all, when a disaster strikes there’s no time for a delayed response; the first 60-minutes are the most critical in loss mitigation. When was the last time you re-vamped your facility’s emergency preparedness plan?

Are You Prepared?

As you review your school emergency preparedness plan, a key step is to ensure that specific steps and actions are outlined to limit exposure to financial risks, delayed recovery times, added stress and aggravation, and business disruption. With a well-developed preparedness plan, emergencies won’t feel so invasive or disruptive. Remember, it’s always best to plan for the worst and hope for the best.

While the main focus of emergency preparedness plans should be about the safety of your facility, staff, and students, there is one other important factor that should be questioned during the development process: How will you ensure a fast and reliable response? Sometimes, a well-developed plan of action isn’t enough.

A New Level of Preparedness: Understanding PREP

Provided free of charge through St. Louis’ premier cleaning and restoration company, Woodard Cleaning & Restoration, PREP (Proactive Restoration Emergency Preparedness) is a unique mobile application that provides a strategic solution to the development of your building’s disaster preparedness programs. Unlike a basic plan of action or pre-determined safety steps, PREP works with your current emergency preparedness plan, providing an added measure of safety and security management to ensure optimal results when a disaster strikes.

PREP, Personalized for Your Educational Facilities

With the help of a personalized dashboard, and a user-friendly interface, PREP captures, and provides, direct access to a variety of vital information about the buildings in your district, including:

  • Primary Contact Information, Segmented by Department, Building & District
  • Emergency Vendor Contact Information
  • Copies of Important Documents & Information
  • Emergency Disaster Protocols for Fires, Floods & Severe Weather
  • Specialized Building Considerations & Risks
  • High-Resolution Images & Aerial Views of Buildings
  • Maps & Driving Directions to Each District Location
  • Individual Floor Plans & Interactive Building Layouts with Identification & Mapping of All Critical Areas, Including:
    • Water Access
    • Sprinkler Systems
    • Pumps & Shut-Off Valves
    • Mechanical Rooms
    • Electrical Panels
    • Set-Up & Disposal Locations
    • Elevator Rooms
    • HVAC Equipment Locations
    • Telecommunication Equipment Locations

PREP Access & Security

Since PREP operates as a mobile application your district’s stored information is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. While every piece of information featured on the PREP interface is printable, the software is fully-functional on tablets, smart phones, and laptops, so you can take the safety of your facility with you wherever you go. Additionally, PREP boasts an incredible level of site-security, storing passwords and login information with MD5 Encryption, and performing daily back-ups of all customer-stored data in a secure, off-site facility.

Enhanced Safety Management Benefits

In addition to streamlining your emergency preparedness plans, PREP provides all district users with a helpful procedural guide. Used to incorporate current procedures for instances such as media communications, natural disasters, accidents, and illnesses, these procedural guides provide every department in your district with an enhanced level of safety management.

Ready to Learn More About PREP?

Since Woodard Cleaning & Restoration provides complete training resources and support, using PREP has never been simpler! To learn more about the benefits and advantages of PREP to your school safety plan, or to have a PREP account established for your district, contact the Woodard team at 314-266-0373. In a matter of minutes, the safety of your facilities could be at your fingertips.

About Woodard Cleaning & Restoration

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