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There’s nothing like a clean home, the Woodard Way.

Carpet or area rugs, tile & grout or natural stone, our highly-trained technicians know how to restore your home’s appearance – and provide you the best experience. Our attention to detail and top-notch customer service will leave you thankful you choose Woodard!

Our free quotes are all-inclusive and we don’t charge extra for disposal of dirty water, spot removal or pre-treatment of pet stains and traffic areas. An all-inclusive quote includes the total cost to get the job done right. You always have the choice to add-on services for an additional cost. We do our very best to provide accurate quotes based on the measurements provided.

When you choose Woodard, a certified technician will arrive in a clean vehicle, dressed in a Woodard uniform, and professionally groomed. All of our technicians must pass a background check and extensive training before becoming a residential cleaning technician. At Woodard, we encourage our employees to live out the Woodard Way in their daily lives – Do What’s Right, Learn Every Day, and Serve Others.

What To Expect

Carpet Cleaning

Removal of multiple pet accidents. *Results may vary.
  • 12-Step Carpet Cleaning Process
    • Pre-Inspection
    • Move Furniture
    • Vacuum & Spot Treatment
    • Hot Water Extraction
    • Groom Carpet
    • Final Walk-Through
  • 1 room is 250 square feet or less (10ft x 25ft)
  • Rooms larger than 250 square feet will be charged as multiple rooms
  • The cleaning technician will measure and confirm room sizes/price before cleaning
  • 8-12 hour dry time

Note: Not all steps listed above. For a full, detailed list of our 12-step carpet cleaning process continue reading our How to Clean Carpets guide.

Hard Surfaces

This limestone countertop shines again!

From natural stones to tile & grout, our experts can clean your countertops, backsplashes, flooring, and showers!

  • Determine the type of hard surface and best cleaning methods
  • Perform test clean on small area
  • Free grout sealing
  • Restore & Shine
    • For select materials only. Some natural stones are unable to shine due to their organic makeup.

Note: Not all hard surfaces will “shine”. Materials like cermaic, porcelain, and vinyl can only be cleaned.

Furniture & Upholstery 

indoor cushion
Couch cushion in the process of being cleaned.

From indoor couches, love seats and recliners to outdoor patio cushions, boat cushions and umbrellas, the Woodard team can clean it all! We can clean indoor furniture both in-home and at our Rug Care Center. All outdoor cushions and umbrellas need to be cleaned at the Rug Care Center.

  • Protect Floors
  • Vacuum
  • Perform test clean on small area
  • Determine proper cleaning method (dry-clean only, special-care, etc.)
  • Pre-treat stains

Area Rugs

clean area rugs
Removing contaminants from an oriental area rug.

Whether you have an area rug from Pottery Barn that needs cleaning or a precious oriental rug that has been in your family for generations, you can trust the Woodard team!

  • Cleaned with a MOR Machine in our Rug Care Center
  • If needed, we will hand clean
  • Experience with hand-made oriental rugs
  • Rug repair services
  • Custom cut rug pads

Note: It is important that rugs are not cleaned in-home. When cleaning an area rug in the home it could lead to a variety of concerns such as; shrinkage of the rug, weakening of structural integrity, mold and mildew, torn surfaces, excessive wear and tear, color fading and bleeding, and more. For more information on why we reccommend cleaning your rug in our facility, please call us at  314-227-3932.

Woodard History

The story behind Woodard’s founding is certainly a unique one. During WWII, Earl was aboard a Boeing B-17 and as they flew over Nazi-occupied Germany in northern France, the plane was hit with massive flak completely damaging the plane. The captain immediately ordered everyone to evacuate the plane; half of the men were immediately captured by the Nazis and the other half (including Earl) were rescued by the members of the French Resistance. Over the course of the next two months, he was smuggled through France walking through the Pyrenees Mountains to get to Spain. A variety of people helped Earl evade capture from the Germans. He was provided fake papers from Paris in order to make his way past German guards and onto Spain, ending up in a Spanish prison. A negotiation was made allowing Earl to return to the United States.

Upon Earl’s return home, he met his soon-to-be-wife, Nancy, on a train headed to St. Louis. After three months they were married and started an in-home carpeting cleaning company operating out of the family car. Nancy’s family, specifically her father, educated Earl on the newly evolving technology of in-home cleaning. Then, in 1950, Earl and Nancy opened a rug cleaning plant in Rock Hill, MO. Today the plant is known as Woodard’s Rug Care Center which houses the only MORTM Rug Cleaning Machine located in the Midwest.

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