Protecting Floors from Rain Damage in St. Louis, MO

With the spring season just around the corner, rainy weather isn’t far behind.

Protect your floors from damage caused by rain water with tips from the experts!

Door Mats are a great first step to protecting your floors. They’re easy to place, easy to remove and clean, and they remove any water, dirt, oil, or other grime from the bottoms of shoes before these nasty particles ever touch your beautiful floors.

External Door Mats:

Allow your visitors a place to wipe their feet off before they enter your building by offering door mats just outside of your front doors when possible. These mats will ensure that no rain water, dirt, or mud get tracked into your facility.

Internal Walk Off Mats:

These mats are great for protecting the entryway/lobby of your building by allowing guests to take a few extra steps into the building before reaching your tile, hardwood, or other hard surface flooring.

Area Rugs:

Covering hard surface flooring near doorways with area rugs is a smart way to add protection AND beauty to your facility. Area rugs can be machine or hand made with various fibers, sizes, durabilities, colors, patterns, and shapes. There’s an area rug to fit every need! Most rugs can be easily removed and cleaned when needed, and some can be cleaned while in place, depending on their characterstics and your needs.

ScotchgardTM Protector:

This easy-to-apply and cost-efficient topical treatment is nearly magical by nature. Applying ScotchgardTM to area rugs or carpets (or upholstery!) is really a no-brainer year round, but can be especially useful during the rainy season. ScotchgardTM can be applied in a manner of minutes and it serves as a surface-level protector for carpet and rug fibers by preventing particles like dirt, water, mold, bacteria, oil, and water-based stains from permanently adhering to fibers.

Professional Cleaning:

While the above suggestions may help to protect your floors to an extent, there’s always a chance that a wet and dirty shoe will find your pristine floors. When this happens, consider calling a professional floor cleaning company that can help. The area of your building most likely to be affected by dirty shoes is nearest the entryway, and you want to be sure this area looks its best as it’s also the first part of your building that a guest will see.

As always, Woodard is here to help. While we do offer maintenance programs to have your floors cleaned on a regular basis, don’t be afraid to call for one-time cleanings as well, especially if you see any muddy footprints in your foyer! And don’t forget – we can clean upholstery too! Rainboots may bring in the most dirt this spring, but umbrellas and raincoats can also leave undesirable water spots on your furniture.