Protect Your Pets During Freezing Temperatures


The St. Louis forecast for Wednesday in St. Louis does not look pleasant! The Weather Channel is predicting that we will see temperatures between -3° and 9°. If that’s not bad enough, -3° and 9° will actually feel like -25° and -8°.

Did you know the North Pole in Alaska is predicted to be a warming 10°. So, get ready St. Louis – it’s going to be COLD.

Prevention & Protection

As you prepare your home and family for the frigid temperatures tomorrow, be sure to include your furry friends! Our pet’s may love to run and play in the snow, but they cannot survive these frigid temperatures! Our local animal rescue groups are warning pet owners about the risk of hypothermia and even death. You should be bundling up yourself, any kid(s), and pet(s) before walking out the front door.

It’s also important to think about your pet’s paws. During this time of year, paws can become dry and begin to crack due to the snow, ice, and salt. If you can, try putting boots on the bottom of your pet’s feet. If not, be sure to examine and clean their paws off after each trip outside.

For those animals that don’t have a home during these bitter cold days, they may be seeking shelter around your home or in/around your car. If your car in unable to be kept in a garage, be sure to honk the horn or bang on the hood before driving away. This is especially important if you warm up your car before hand. Animals will find protection from the wind and warmth by snuggling close to your car under the hook or on your tires.

Call For Help

Please keep yourself, family and your pets warm over the next few days as temperatures dip into the negatives! If you do see a pet outside during this weather, we advise you to contact your local police department or an animal friendly organization such as those listed below.