How to Prepare for Your Professional Carpet Cleaning

prepare for professional carpet cleaning

Prepare for Your Professional Carpet Cleaning

Did you recently schedule a professional carpet cleaning? Are you unsure of how you should prepare your home for the cleaning? Don’t worry! We’ll go over everything with you on how to prepare for your professional carpet cleaning!

Remove Breakables from the Area

We ask that you remove any items that can easily break from the area. This includes items such as picture frames, knicknacks, lamps, etc. While our technicians are extremely careful in your home, we want to eliminate the risk for any accidents happening. Not only do we ask that you remove breakables from the area we’re cleaning, but also from areas we may be frequently walking through as well like the front foyer or hallways.

Secure Pets

Our technicians love pets! But, sometimes our furry friends get a little too excited when our technicians arrive. To ensure our technicians safety and your pet’s safety, we ask that you secure your pets before we arrive. By securing your pets, our cleaning technicians can avoid any accidental bites and eliminate the risk of your pet sneaking out the door as our technicians are frequently going in and out of the home.

Pick-Up Items off the Floor

As you’re preparing for your professional carpet cleaning, we ask that you pick up any small items off the floor such as toys, boxes/containers, plants, etc. By having small items picked up in advance it allows our technicians to get started immediately!

Bonus Tips for Professional Carpet Cleaning

A few additional things to note as you’re preparing for your professional carpet cleaning. Our technicians are required to have a daily health check. Our team takes the threat of COVID-19 very seriously and we are taking numerous safety precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Do you have a specific room you’d like to be dry first? Let your technician know! They can start cleaning the carpet in that room first so it’s one of the first rooms to be dry!

Are you use to vacuuming before having your carpets professionally cleaned? When you schedule your professional carpet cleaning with Woodard, we do the vacuuming for you – at no extra cost! So, put that vacuum away and let us do the work!


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Updated 7/28/2020