How to Find Your Home’s Water Shut-Off Valve

Water Shut-Off Valve

When a water emergency arises in your home, whether a burst pipe or plumbing leak, time is of the essence.  The first thing that you will want to do to minimize the damage is to shut off the water to the property.  Homes have a main water shut-off valve that will stop all water coming to the house.  Being able to do this quickly can make a big difference in property damage and water damage to the home.  It is a good idea to locate this valve now so that you will be ready if a water emergency ever arises.

Locating the Water Shut-Off Valve

All homes are a little different and unfortunately there is no standard location for the main water shut-off valve.  Some of the most common locations include a basement, crawlspace, garage or near the home’s hot water heater.  The valve is usually on or near an external wall of the home and is often a knife style valve.  In warmer climates, this can even be located outside near the water meter.  Other homes may have this shut-off valve underground, accessible through a metal cover.

Check Your Property Inspection Report

If, after checking the most obvious places in the home, you still cannot locate the main water shut-off valve you may be able to find this in the property inspection report from the purchase of the home.  There should be a plumbing section in this report that details the location, and may even include a photo, of the valve.

During an Emergency, Contact the Water Company

There may be a street side shut-off valve that can help during an emergency.  This is often located at the edge of the street or sidewalk or the boundary line for your property at the front of the house.  Called a curb valve, this is often covered by a metal or plastic box at ground level.  Your water company likely has a 24-hour emergency line that you can call.  They will be able to direct you how to shut off the water valve yourself or send a dispatch team immediately to assist.

During a flood in your home caused by a plumbing problem, being able to shut off the home’s water quickly can make a big difference.  Taking the time now to locate the home’s main water shut-off valve will make sure that you are prepared if an emergency does arise, saving precious time. It’s also best to tag your shut-off valve. While it may be easy to locate now, during an emergency it might not be so easy. Plus, this will make it easy to find in case you are not home and your kids, family, or friends need to shut off the water.

After you have turned off the water, your next step should be to find the source/cause of the water. Once that has been identified and fixed you’ll want to call Woodard to help assist you with cleaning up the water. Our water damage restoration services are available 24/7 when you call 314-961-9102.


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Updated 2/8/2022