How to Clean a Dishwasher

How to Clean a Dishwasher

A dishwasher does a great job cleaning pots, pans, glasses, silverware and dishes that the family uses. However, this powerhouse appliance also needs its own regular cleaning to keep it free of dirt and mold that can develop over time. The warm and moist conditions that the inside of a dishwasher offers can make this a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Regularly cleaning the appliance will prevent this growth, while removing any dirt and build-up that may be preventing your dishes from getting as clean as they can.

Dishwashers Need to Be Cleaned Periodically

It isn’t uncommon for mold to grow in your dishwasher, where warm and moist conditions encourage this growth. In most cases, mold in the dishwasher is not harmful to your health but it can be quite off-putting. To remove mold from a dishwasher, wash the inside of the appliance with soapy water.  Remove the racks and strainer to give these a thorough cleaning of their own in the sink.

Regularly scrubbing the inside of the dishwasher with soapy water will remove any mold that may be lurking.  Take care to scrub any rubber or plastic parts thoroughly, even using an old toothbrush to get the hard to reach areas. The seal around the door of the dishwasher should be scrubbed, folding back the rubber to clean the underside as well.

Removing and Preventing Mold in the Dishwasher 

No one wants to think about their dishwasher as being a breeding ground for bacteria. Sometimes you can see the mold in the dishwasher, but many times you don’t notice this as it likes to grow around rubber parts, seals and gaskets on the appliance. To reduce this risk, leave the dishwasher slightly ajar for about an hour after unloading clean dishes.  This will allow the appliance to dry out entirely, reducing the chance of mold growth.

Regular cleanings will go a long way to ensuring that your dishwasher is free of any mold and bacteria that can contaminate the appliance. This will go a long way to keeping your dishes coming out clean and sanitized.

Understand a Dishwasher

Sometimes dishwashers, no matter how clean, may malfunction and overflow. In dishwashers, a drain line leak can cause bacteria growth in the line. Also, the supply lines, which often undertake heavy water pressure, can give out — at times resulting in a floor-damaging overflow and not just a leak. If this happens, have a repair company come out to repair your dishwasher. Once a third party has repaired the source of the leak, Woodard’s licensed professionals will provide appliance leak cleanup services that leave your home completely dry and sanitary. Contact a Woodard representative as quickly as possible at 314-227-3932.


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Updated 7/1/2021