How Often Should you Clean your Carpet?

Carpet, when kept nice, is so wonderful—cozy, soft and makes a house feel like a home.

However, it’s also a trap for everything that’s in the air or on your shoes, from dust, mites, hair, dirt, stains and odors. Knowing how often you should clean your carpet and various methods of care will help you preserve the life of your cozy investment.

Each carpet will require different cleaning methods depending on the type and grade of carpet, pile, etc. An inexpensive carpet may not stand up to frequent cleanings as well as a wool rug would, as carpet fibers tend to break down each time the carpet is cleaned.

If you’re living the simple life, which let’s say for our purposes means you live alone with no children or pets, you don’t smoke, you’re careful not to eat in carpeted rooms and you live in an area with relatively normal environmental conditions, cleaning your carpets once a year should suffice. If you smoke, suffer from allergies or your carpets are often trampled by children, pets or high traffic in general, you may consider cleaning your carpets every three to six months. If you live in an area that’s especially humid or dusty, consider cleaning your carpets every six to eight months.

Without any other factors, simply considering the soil and germs of everyday life, we recommend the minimum frequency of an annual carpet cleaning. Remember that even though your carpet may not look dirty, that’s no indication of what’s going on inside!

Bear in mind there are different carpet cleaning methods depending on your home’s needs. The deep cleaning, also called shampooing, should be done annually (or more often) as noted above. If your carpet is lightly soiled, steam cleaning may suit your needs. Just remember that all of the water you put into cleaning the carpet but must be extracted back out, else you’ll have bigger problems such as water stains and mold development.

From an everyday maintenance perspective, try to vacuum your carpets as frequently as possible, but at leas

t once per week. This will prevent dust, dirt, animal dander and food particles from being ground into the fibers of your carpet. Additionally, treat spills and spots immediately. Liquids and stains will seep down into your carpet’s matting, making the spot even more difficult to extract. There are a number of spot treatment foams and sprays on the market. Conduct a test on carpet in an inconspicuous area so that you know it won’t fade or discolor your carpet.

For Your Business

The image of your business cannot be compromised by soiled or dingy carpets. Most of the above rules can be thrown out on the window on this one, and a call should be placed to a professional carpet cleaning service monthly. Whether you’re in an office environment, retail space or a hundred other scenarios, most businesses have a fair amount of traffic, which means not only soil under foot, but germs in the air. If you haven’t already, consider scheduling a recurring appointment with a professional service.

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