Fire Safety Plan for Seasonal Homes

As winter homes are all packed away, summer homes and lake houses are being filled with families.

For many of these homes, it’s been quite a while since you last visited, which means that the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors may no longer work. We know you and your family are itching to get out and relax as soon as possible, but for your safety it’s important you follow these tips:

  • Install new smoke alarms inside and outside of all sleeping rooms. If your vacation home has multiple levels, at least one smoke alarm should be on each level.
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors, similar to smoke alarms, need to be installed outside of all sleeping areas and on each level of the home. Be sure to reference your local laws and codes for other alarm locations that may be required.
  • Try to visit your seasonal home once a month, or as often as possible, to make sure your smoke and CO detectors work and that everything is in good condition around the home.
  • Keep spare batteries available in case your smoke or CO detectors need a replacement set.
  • Make an escape plan in case of a fire. Be sure to review your escape plan each year with family members and guests.
  • Have emergency numbers available. Keep these numbers is a common area that everyone can quickly and easily locate. Next to your emergency numbers, keep the address of the vacation home and phone number for those who may not be familiar.
  • If your seasonal home has a chimney, at the start of the season have a professional come out and inspect the chimney as well as vents.
  • Urge family members that smoke to do so outside and to use a deep, sturdy ashtray. Ensure that anyone who smokes knows to put their cigarette out completely before walking away.
  • If you rent your vacation home, contact your landlord or local fire station to confirm that the smoke and CO detectors are installed and working properly.

Once you’ve checked your smoke and CO detectors and reviewed a safety plan with your family and guests, go out and enjoy the summer!