Carpet Cleaning Myths

There are a lot of “facts” regarding carpets and how you should clean them.

However, a lot of these are actually myths. To debunk these “facts”, we have put together a list of three major carpet cleaning myths, and why you shouldn’t worry about them when cleaning your carpet.

Myth #1: Vacuuming Ruins Carpeting

Sure, running a high-powered suction device over your carpet’s surface a couple times a week may seem like a great way to ruin your carpet, but don’t let this carpet cleaning myth fool you! Regular vacuuming is perfectly fine, and won’t case one ounce of harm. The only grey area lies within high-pile carpets. If you’ve got high-pile carpeting in your home, but can’t get enough of that fresh vacuumed look and feel, simply raise the brush on your vacuum to the highest setting. Doing so leaves high-pile carpeting safely in-tact, but doesn’t miss a beat in eliminating dirt and debris.

Myth #2: Use Vinegar When Cleaning Pet Accidents on Carpet

While vinegar has more uses than anyone could ever imagine, it doesn’t stand a chance against pet accidents. There are two issues with using vinegar to clean carpeting after pet accidents:

  1. Simply put: pet odors are not pleasant smelling. As if the immediate stench isn’t bad enough, pet odors have a way of nestling themselves deep down into the fibers of carpeting where only professional carpet cleaners can find them. Speaking of horrible smells, have you ever given vinegar a whiff? Imagine topping your already stinky pet-stained carpeting with vinegar! Talk about a stinky situation.
  2. If you’ve never had to deal with a pet accident on your carpeting, consider yourself one of the lucky few. However, if you have had to deal with an unpleasant surprise left by your furry friend, then you know just how powerfully potent those smells and stains are. With that being said, vinegar isn’t a powerful disinfectant. Cleaning a pet stain with vinegar might remove most of the stain from the surface, but that smell will linger and act as a pet accident magnet for your pets.

So, What Can I Use to Clean Pet Accidents on Carpet?

Enzyme based cleaners, like Nature’s Miracle, work wonders because they remove both stains and odors.

Myth #3: Cleaning Carpet Too Often Destroys it

While over-showering may cause a high-water bill and a steamy bathroom mirror, over-cleaning your carpets has absolutely no downfalls. In fact, it is virtually impossible to over-clean carpeting! The more your carpets are cleaned, the longer they’ll maintain a fresh appearance. Professional carpet cleaning is recommended every season, especially in high-traffic areas.

Keep these carpet cleaning myths in mind when cleaning your carpet. You don’t want to do, or not do, something simply because you were not properly educated on the subject.