5 Most Practical But Elegant Deck Colors of 2022

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Your deck is the place to be if you enjoy spending time outside. It’s a perfect place to entertain guests, play games, or simply relax. However, having a deck comes with obligations, such as upkeep. Sometimes you’re too busy that you forget to look at your deck’s condition. And with the constantly changing weather, you don’t notice the mold, rot, and sun damage your deck has sustained over time.

But worry no more because paint can be used to freshen up old or damaged wood while also protecting it from weather and sun damage. It’s one of the things usually overlooked after the deck-building stage. Painting your deck is a great way to add a finishing touch because you can pick any color or style that suits your preferences while giving it additional protection.

We’re about to reveal the top 5 finest deck colors for 2022 for a fresh, professional appearance.


Tips for Picking the Perfect Color

Before deciding on a paint color, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. First, make sure that your home’s exterior color is compatible with the color you’re choosing. Second, consider the type of interior flooring you’ll be using. To create a seamless transition from your home’s interior to exterior, you might paint your deck the same color as your house. Finally, consider how much traffic your deck is going to receive. Think if it will be a low-traffic area or be frequently muddy.

It’s best to use a darker color and avoid light colors if your deck receives high traffic. The dark color helps conceal dirt and prints. However, lighter colors work best for decks with less traffic and can be mainly accessed from the inside of your house.

1. Slate Grey

If you are looking for a modern vibe for your new deck area, consider painting it with a slate grey color. Slate grey gives your deck area a modern style with a contemporary feel. It’s more of a practical color. Because it reflects lesser glare, dust, blemishes, and stains are concealed from plain sight.

Its dark color works well with both dark and bright color schemes. When used with lighter-colored walls and trims, it creates a striking contrast. The slate grey-colored deck appears more striking with the addition of light or bright-colored cushions. On the other hand, slate grey can subtly mix with darker wall colors.

2. Black

Black, like grey, is a practical hue that is low maintenance and reduces glare. However, remember that it will absorb heat in open areas, depending on your environment and whether or not your deck is covered. This heat absorption might be unwanted or beneficial in some ways.

To avoid too much heat absorption, you may add an area rug and cushions to your deck. Don’t worry about the hassle of keeping your area rug or cushions clean, Woodard offers professional area rug cleaning and outdoor cushion cleaning. (Plus, we will store your outdoor cushions for you for free over the winter!)

On the other hand, Black is not as lenient to work with compared to grey. To go with this bold and strong shade, you’ll want to consider your outdoor furniture choices carefully. Consider the colors of your home to see if a black deck will fit well with them.


3. Dark Blue

Do you want your deck to have the briskness of a house on the beach? Then it would be best if you considered painting it a dark blue color.

Dark blue is another popular, useful, and eye-catching color for decks. It’s a fascinating color because it can convey a sense of brightness and vitality while remaining solid and classy. You can also add light-colored area rugs to your dark blue deck for a more appealing display.

Its oceanic vibe adds a touch of relaxation to the Mediterranean style of living. The blue deck excels at concealing dirt stains and marks left by foot or hand when it comes to practical scenarios.


4. Chocolate Brown

Would you like to give your home’s deck a woody look? However, you don’t like to go with a wood stain color? Then you’ll want to add chocolate brown to your list of popular deck paint colors.

This trendy deck paint color can give a wood appearance if not examined too closely. Furthermore, the contrast to your other outside features will be comparable to what you would get with real wood.

Like slate grey, dark blue, and black, chocolate brown has long-lasting properties. On top of that, this color ensures that any mud marks or prints won’t be visible on the surface.


5. Greige

Are you looking for unique deck paint colors with a light and relaxing finish? Greige is a new versatile color that fits all of your demands. At the same time, this color has a great mix of cool and warm vibes.

The greige color is created by combining the shades grey and beige. If you’re someone who can’t decide between beige and grey, then greige is the excellent choice for you. Greige is an excellent pick if you prefer a lighter-colored deck. As a result, a light-colored deck gives additional brightness to covered areas. This also provides extra appeal to your home with windows or doors between your home’s interior and your deck.

Adding area rugs and cushions provides extra aesthetics to your greige-colored deck. The combination of grey and beige, on the other hand, creates a muted tint that hides dirt well.


Final Thoughts

There you go! We’ve now shared the paint colors that a good deck-building company use, and have been using since the year started.

Now that you know which deck color schemes work for you, you can put your doubts to rest. Take a look at the alternatives above and select the one that best suits your needs.

Leave your worries behind because you can never go wrong in choosing the perfect paint color for your deck area with this list of best deck building colors in 2022.


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Updated 4/29/2022