5 Cleaning Tips To Make Your Home Party Ready

The three keys to the perfect party is delicious food, interesting guests and a great location. What can be a better location than your home?

Well, maybe your home isn’t the ideal location for a party. Nonetheless, it’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon and your party guests arrive in just a few hours. If the thought of people gathering in your unorganized home causes your anxiety levels to rise, don’t worry. We have 5 cleaning tips to help get your home in party-ready condition.

Party-Ready Tip #1 – Clear Clutter

Well, this is the most obvious tip. If your house is cluttered, de-clutter it. Start by putting jackets, shoes and hats into closets. Stack magazines neatly on your coffee or end table. Empty the trash. Store newspapers, toys and mail out of sight. Remove any thing from your kitchen table and counters that do not belong, like mail and loose change.

Party-Ready Tip #2 – Spruce Up Living Room

After the clutter has been cleared, tackle the living room or common areas where your guests are most likely to spend their time. Straighten out sofa cushions and pillows, dust surfaces such as the TV, tables and shelving; and run a microfiber cloth or pet roller over visible pet hair.

Party-Ready Tip #3 – Make Room for Leftovers

Sometimes the most challenging part of hosting a party is what comes the day after. What do you do with all of the leftover food? Take the time to clean out your refrigerator of unwanted food. Then, clear an entire shelf in your refrigerator for leftovers.

Click here for Food Safety Cleaning Tips from The American Cleaning Institute

Party-Ready Tip #4 – Clean Floors

Check your floors for food stains, dust bunnies and pet hair. Vacuum, dust and mop where necessary.

Party-Ready Tip #5 – Refresh Bathrooms

Your bathrooms will be the most used rooms during your party. So, you should concentrate on the areas in your bathroom that your guests will use — the toilet, sink, and counter. These quick tips will get your bathrooms together in no time!

  • Place new toilet paper rolls
  • Place new hand sanitizer and liquid hand soap
  • Replace hand towels
  • Clear out counters, shelves and the back of the toilet of unnecessary items (i.e. hairbrushes, cosmetics and curling irons.)
  • Clean floors
  • Shake out bathroom rug

Now, that you’ve completed these 5 party cleaning tips, your anxiety levels should fall, and your home will finally be party-ready!


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